NOVAGAN offers processing service for the fabrication of optoelectronic devices based on III-nitride alloys. LED and laser diode processing are well mastered on sapphire and GaN substrates.
The production clean rooms host the state-of-the-art production control and characterization equipments required to establish solid process baselines in order to ensure high-quality and reproducible production.

Our wafer processing capabilities

• Contact Lithography – 1 micron
• RIE Dielectric Etch – Oxide / Nitride / Oxynitride / SOG / Si
• ICP/RIE Semiconductor Etch – AlGaInN
• PECVD Deposition – Oxide / Nitride / Oxynitride
• Metallization – Au, Al, Pt, Ti, Ni, & Pd
• Rapid thermal anneal (RTA)
• Anti-Reflection & Highly Reflective Coatings
• On-wafer parametric tests

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