In addition to standard products based on its proven nitride technologies,

NOVAGAN offers customized epitaxy service for 2″, 3″ and 4″ on any substrate

Largest substrate choice

Epitaxy on any substrate

We developed LED structures on sapphire SSP, DSP, PSS, free-standing GaN, siliconetero or SiC substrates to meet any request.

High Power, even at high current density

High Efficiency LED Structures

Thanks to long optimizations of the LED design and the growth parameters for every element constituing the LED structures our LED epiwafers allow to reach superior efficiencies. This is achieved in the full visible spectrum from blue to red.

Blue, Green and Red

Emission wavelength from 375nm to 630nm

Heterostructures can be partly or completely designed by the customers in order to meet the requirements for their specific applications. Using state-of-the-art facilities our team of experts is capable of turning your ideas into world class products.

Active Region

Best Performances begin with High Quality Quantum Wells

Our heterostructures are tailored with atomic layer precision. The elements consitituing our heterostructures are based on highly optimized materials  so we can guarantee that the specific design of our customers will corresponds to their requirements.