MicroLEDs, as their name suggests, is the smaller counterpart of the LEDs. Their size rather refers to the size of the part emitting light strictly speaking, ranging typically below 100µm.
It is very challenging to make efficient microLEDs, in particular because of the dimensions, close to the resolution limit of the tools used to manufacture them. It requires in-depth knowledge of the fabrication of normal LEDs, as well as mastering the techniques of microfabrication to their limit. The devices have to be very reliable, since reducing the emission area also implies working with higher current densities.
Novagan has acquired such knowledge, pushing the microLED size below state of the art. In 2016, Novagan has managed to produce the smallest LEDs in the world, with an apparent source close to 1.5µm. The technology developed to manufacture these devices is novel, and has been developed over 5 years.
Such small LEDs open the way to novel applications. High-resolution printing and displaying are examples of these promising, upcoming markets. Novagan is ready to establish a long lasting partnership with you, if you are active in a domain where microLEDs are needed; we are flexible, and able to develop light modules from the concept, taking them to production level.

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