NOVAGAN is the first global supplier of advanced epiwafers for the fabrication of nitride laser diodes and related devices designed for medical care, sensors and projection systems.
Laser diode epiwafers are available for lasing over the full wavelength range from 400 to 440 nm. and Our products can be used for CW operation with an output power exceeding 10 mW.

Heterostructures can be partly or completely designed by the customers in order to meet the requirements for their specific applications. For our customers having their own proprietary device designs, our materials are engineered with atomic layer precision to meet the specific design requirements. Every epiwafer supplied by NOVAGAN is manufactured to the customers exact specifications. NOVAGAN is highly sensitive to the confidentiality of each customers design specification and ensure that customers intellectual property remains proprietary.

Large wavelength range available

Our Laser epiwafers cover a wavelength range from 380 to 500nm

High Output Power and Differential Efficiency

Our blue/violet Laser epiwafers have demonstrated state-of-the-art performances.

Laser Diode Characteristics

Typical characteristics of laser diodes fabricated with our epiwafers are summarized for CW operation

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