The epitaxy process is one of the most critical and expensive parts of the device manufacturing chain, especially for III-Nitride semiconductors. The highest level of expertise is now required to take advantage of the major technology developed in III-nitride semiconductors in the recent years.

NOVAGAN offers epitaxy foundry service for the fabrication of photonic and electronic devices made of AlGaInN semiconductors. We are the specialist of AlInN.

We provide heterostructures designed for the fabrication of UV-visible laser diodes, LEDs, RCLEDs, photodetectors, sensors and transistors.

For other applications we can offer customizable structures based on our compounds portfolio

Largest material choice available worldwide

NOVAGAN produces atomically engineered layers of crystalline materials to form heterostructures. The layers are grown onto the following substrates: sapphire, silicon, SiC and free-standing GaN. Our epiwafers can include up to hundreds individual layers, each of them could be as thin as atomic monolayers. The structural, electronic and optical properties of the entire structures are determined by those layers, their atomic composition and the order in which they are grown.

By contracting with NOVAGAN, customers are assured of the highest quality epiwafers. Our advanced wafer growth facilities allow even the most demanding design specifications to be met, be it for commercial applications or for research purposes. With our unique material catalogue we can offer rapid customization from our standard products with built-in quality and reliability.

For our customers having their own proprietary device designs, our materials are engineered with atomic layer precision to meet the specific design requirements. Every epiwafer supplied by NOVAGAN is manufactured to the customers exact specifications. NOVAGAN is highly sensitive to the confidentiality of each customers design specification and ensure that customers intellectual property remains proprietary.

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